Safari 1


Visited September 2018

Great staff and an enjoyable activity

We chose to do the 30 minute camel ride which we really enjoyed. We were met at the lobby by friendly staff who escorted us to the beach to meet our guide and the camels. The guide immediately took my camera and got some great shots during the course of the tour. The camels were well cared for as well. During the 30 minutes we walked along the beach past four different properties, sadly one was under construction with a new resort being built but the other three were lovely. Definitely some rubbish on the unmaintained beaches (2 out of the 4) which is a shame but more of a public issue than a responsibility of the camel safari staff. Would recommend, this as an activity good for kids. Would recommend only doing a 30 minute ride though – longer could be a little tedious.

Safari 2

Colin C

Visited November 2018

Family Fun

Coming from Australia I was a bit dubious about travelling all this way to ride a camel imported from my own country BUT it was a surprisingly enjoyable experience and one which the whole family appreciated.
We only did the 30min beach walk but found it provided enough time and adventure for our young girls. Rode from Hilton down past Ritz Carlton, beach has improved since others had reviewed because there was little rubbish and the one construction site has advanced. Anyway – why be gazing onshore when the views of beach, water and waves surpasses the alternative!
Thumbs up to the camel crew, the gents handled the camels professionally and used our own camera/phone to take some good photo’s.
We recommend this experience to others.

Safari 1

Reza Sunggiardi

Visited October 2019

A Very Unique Experience in Bali

If you want to know the feeling of riding camel and do not have any chance to go to middle east or north Africa soon, but to Bali instead, we recommend you to experience Bali Camel Safari. It is 30 minutes ride turnaround on Nusa Dua beach.

It is located in Hilton Hotel (previously Nikko) in Nusa Dua Bali. The access is from the hotel lobby. And start on 9.00 am.

But be advised since they have 5 camels and they have to go together at one time. You should experience it with at least one companion. And booking one month in advance is heavily suggested because it still in high demand. Especially for Japanese Tourist and Pre-wedding event.

If you like to take photographs. Do not worry. As long as you give a correct camera configuration, the herder will take the photos for you. Do it in hot and sunny weather though for maximum experience and best photos. After all it is only one time experience. And 30 minutes is enough. Trust me.